About O.P.H. Fitness


How it all began... Upon completing the bulk of my schooling and education I decided to pursue my love for health and fitness, so I created O.P.H.Fitness to help motivate and encourage others to become more healthy and physically fit. 

I started O.P.H.Fitness in late 2014 working as a subcontractor for physiotherapy and sport therapy clinics in the Newmarket and Aurora area. Working at sport and physiotherapy clinics, I engaged and worked closely with many clients from high performance athletes seeking professional careers to average people looking to prevent new or reoccurring injuries. I have worked with many athletes specifically looking to improve in their sport; whether it’s to jump higher, run faster, farther or to gain more strength and mass to position themselves better within the ranks of their sport. 

From rehabilitation and injury prevention, weight loss, sports therapy and improvement of ones sport. O.P.H.Fitness was doing so well that it created it’s very own studio located in Newmarket. I work with many clients from athletes to those who want to lose weight and keep it off. I have created the O.P.H.Fitness in home studio to be an energetic, comfortable and motivational space. It allows me to work one on one or with a small group, and given it’s location we have many great places very close by to branch out and change up the scenery when the mood strikes. With many soccer fields, hills, parks, forest trails and even a sweet high jump/rock climbing wall there are so many options for us to keep our programs fun and interesting!

It’s my goal to help athletes become better athletes from all aspects. And it’s my goal to help people who want to loose weight, loose weight and keep it off by teaching and empowering them to make positive and healthy lifestyle changes for good! 

It is my goal to help you become a better you. That is what O.P.H.Fitness is all about. 

More ABOUT O.P.H. Fitness

What is a Personal Trainer

A personal trainer is a fitness professional who possesses the knowledge, skills and abilities for safe and effective exercise and fitness program design. A personal trainer motivates clients by helping them to set short and long term goals and by providing the keys to success (feedback every step along the way); of course, the personal trainer also provides tips and best practices to prevent injury. In summary, a personal trainer provides highly qualified instruction and targeted emotional support to all his or her clients in order that each achieves goals particular to his or her needs. 


Are you training to become a body builder, to improve endurance and speed for your sport, to gain strength to beat the competition?  OPHFitness is here to help you reach your optimal performance and hit your peak. 

Working Professional

So, you’re sitting at your work place and the thought occurs to you: why am I feeling stiff? Why does my back hurt? Why do I feel stressed?  It’s possible that you are not getting enough exercise. To perform at your optimum level and to feel better doing it, regular exercise is a must.  Let’s get rid of work place discomfort and pain and let’s improve our fitness and well being.


Have you had an injury or surgery? Are you looking to recapture the health that you once enjoyed? OPHFitness wants to help you rediscover who you were prior to your setback. Whether your injury or surgery is the result of accident or repetitive stressors, ask how we can help!

Trouble Sleeping?

You're not the only one! Common reasons include a lack of adequate exercise or a diet that is not meeting your nutritional needs. Let us help you improve your sleep and make you more productive, well-rested and energetic.

Exercising to Meet the Needs of Middle Age and Well Beyond

Are you or a family member feeling stiff or not as strong as you used to be? Do you need to improve your strength and endurance? Do your living arrangements or physical challenges make it difficult to leave your place of residence to take part in an exercise regimen? Well, I have good news. OPHFitness can bring the gym to you! We offer an assortment of great exercise options for anyone from beginner to expert regardless of your age or physical challenges.  Our goal is to optimize your health and performance in all aspects of life.  Whether it’s improving your cardiovascular health (your heart), increasing your strength (your muscle mass), or helping you reduce body fat, we will prescribe a customized plan specifically for you. Age is no barrier to much improved fitness and well-being. Let us help!