Hello, everyone. My name is Jesse Long and I am the proud owner of Optimal Performance Health & Fitness (O.P.H.Fitness). 

For over 15 years, I have been pursuing my passion for health and physical fitness. Since 2001, I have been honing my skills in strength and conditioning, muscle sculpting and bodybuilding. Coincidentally, in 2009 & 2010, I trained and competed in the World Championships as a Fitness Model (1st place), Bodybuilder (2nd place) and Swimsuit/Underwear Model (2nd place). During this time I was self-trained. I have also been involved in many different sports including hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, skiing, snowboarding, extreme mountain biking, kayaking/canoeing/portaging, rock climbing and golf, to name just a few. I lead an active lifestyle and I choose to lead by example.

As a result, I have been immersed in the culture of fitness training for a very long time. In effect, I have personally trained at a variety of gyms including Goodlife, LA Fitness, Snap, Fit4Less, and many more. I know what it takes to achieve my own personal goals. I know what it takes to motivate others to achieve their own personal goals. I believe very strongly that everyone has the potential to succeed in his or her athletic endeavors with the help of effective, purposeful mentoring.  

Although Health and Fitness are my main passions, I also have many more interests and hobbies that make me uniquely qualified to help others. I am an aircraft pilot and I have been flying airplanes since 2006. In May of 2010, I became a Professional Private Pilot, fully licensed and certified to fly fixed-wing airplanes.  I am also an avid guitar player and have played in a few bands, one being Sick Seconds.  You can check out the full album here.  Prior to the band scene I was a guitar teacher for several years at String Theory. These accomplishments speak to my dedication, responsibility and reliability as a life-long learner and educator. 

From 2010 to 2013, I was the President of the Health & Fitness Association of Seneca College.  In fact, I created the program to provide fitness and wellness coaching to those wanting to take charge of their lives - mind, body and spirit. We ran many different courses including: Power Lifting, Sculpting, Nutrition & Health, Boot Camps, Weight Loss Programs, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Bodybuilding, Sport Specific Strength Training and Specialized Conditioning.  I am proud of the opportunities we provided and the successes of the great many who shared our passion. Eventually, I graduated from Seneca College with high honours in Business Marketing and additional qualifications in the Psychology of Fitness and Nutrition. I then studied Kinesiology, Sports Biomechanics and First Aid under CanFitPro at Guelph/Humber University. These experiences and so many more are the cornerstones of my career trajectory. In its simplest terms, I am driven to serve others whose aspirational goals for health and fitness mirror my own.

But no mission is complete without its having been tempered in fire. During my career, I have suffered some major injuries and needed to seek professional medical help.  Although this was very unfortunate, I learned valuable lessons. Train S.M.A.R.T. Train SAFE and follow the F.I.T.T. Principles. Sound methodology is imperative. For instance, an improper lift can do more damage than one might think. In my case, rehabilitation was very difficult but very instructive. Although this was unfortunate I can honestly tell my clients that I have been there, I know from a first person perspective what it’s like to be in their position in terms of rehabilitation and improving athletic performance. Strengthening weak areas are imperative to prevent muscular imbalances, imbalances which can lead to potential injuries in the future. 

In 2014 I became a professional personal trainer certified by canfitpro with many other industry leading qualifications. I continually better myself by participating in continued education programs and courses.   Self-respect is measured by one’s willingness to learn the key skill sets associated with health and wellness training, both attitudinal and physical. In fact, all my experiences, education and setbacks have prepared me to become a coach and mentor in health and fitness. I have created O.P.H.Fitness to do exactly that, to help guide others on the path to success with their own health and physical fitness goals.  

My Personal Achievements include:

1st Place - FAME World Championships Fitness Model - 2009 - (Montreal)

2nd Place - FAME World Championships Body Building - 2009/10

2nd Place - FAME World Championships Swimsuit & Underwear Model - 2009

1st Place - Newmarket Secondary School Athlete of The Year Award - 2003 to 2005

Quotations that inspire me: 

"It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it."

"Let’s take it one step further and see what happens."

"If you want it. Work for it. You will get it."

We only have this life to live, so let’s seek both longevity and health as well as we can!

JESSE LONG: Certified CanFitPro Pro Trainer, Personal Training Specialist (PTS, KIN, SBIO, CPR, AED, Emergency First Aid).