“Your workouts include a lot of functional movements which are challenging but essential; they include very different activities so are not boring; you are fully engaged while I train which is both respectful and inspiring and lastly your exuberance is contagious.   So bottom line - challenging, varied workout in a fun environment with a fully engaged trainer. Win!”


“If you're looking for a change in your overall health, Jesse is your conduit to a healthier you! I sought out Jesse's guidance to learn the proper exercises and movements for my body type. He patiently assessed my fitness level, tested my strength and endurance, then helped me develop an exercise regement that assisted me in achieving my fitness goals. Not only that, he continuously follows up with me asking about my progress and introducing new ways to challenge myself. Thanks Jesse for everything!”


“I’m 37 today and this will be my fittest year yet! Thanks to motivation and guidance from OPH!”


“I have been working with Jesse at OPHFitness for two years and am very happy with the workout sessions I have been a part of. Jesse is a great trainer and motivator. He takes the time to personalize a program just for me and is able to adapt on the fly where necessary.  The variety of the programming is awesome - this includes running and cardio, for example. With the help of Jesse and OPHFitness I recently completed an 8 k obstacle course run! I highly recommend Jesse and OPHFitness for all training needs!”


“I haven’t always been a self-motivated person so I sought out Jesse at OPH Fitness and I couldn’t be happier with my choice. Not only did he help keep me motivated, he taught me to really enjoy working out again. Each session was different from the one before which kept it fun and interesting. The sessions were challenging but with Jesse’s guidance and encouragement I was able to push myself in a way that I didn’t think I was able to. I would highly recommend OPH Fitness to anyone looking to attain their healthy lifestyle goals.”


“Jesse is a great trainer. He helps you identify your goals and sets out a path to help get you there. He creates great workouts and ensures a variety of exercises are included each time.  He motivates you to be your very best.  He doesn't just tell you what you need to do-he explains why.  I have learned so much from him!  Thank you Jesse!”


“Jesse is a very motivating and professional trainer. I started at a beginner level and after working with Jesse at OPH Fitness for 9 months I am in the best shape of my life. The sessions are fun and at the same time challenging. I definitely recommend Jesse to anyone looking to get in shape! #ophapproved :)”


“Jesse is great! He is very good at pushing you while understanding your limits. Its a clean and comfortable environment. He provided a variety of exercises, so that no two classes were the same. Excellent experience overall.“